Frequently Asked Questions

What personal information do I need to provide to get a life insurance quote?

To start with, I will need the usual information: name, address, date of birth, height and weight. In addition, I need to know what medications you take and the dosage (how much you take and how often) and what the medications are for. I will also need to know if you have other conditions, like: heart issues, arthritis, back problems or recent surgeries.

How long does it take for the policy to be approved?

That depends on what type of policy you are applying for. Usually, life, disability and long term care policies can take from 4 to 6 weeks for approval. Individual health insurance policies are usually approved withine days of the insurance company receiving the completed application.

Do I have to have a medical exam?

Insurance companies require a medical exam based on the amount of insurance you are requesting. The type of medical exam also depends on your age. Usual requirements are: accurate height, weight, blood pressure, blood sample, urine sample and health questions.

Can you mail me a quote for long term care insurance?

The simple answer is “No”. Rates for long term care plans are based on your age, health and health history at the time you apply for coverage. It also depends on what benefits are most important for you and what you looking for in a plan. Without those answers, it is virtually impossible to send anything with any accuracy without sitting down with you and discussing your needs and customizing a plan specifically for you.

So what is the process to get a long term care quote?

I will first call you to set up a convenient time for us to meet. I will come to your home to meet you. You are welcome to invite your spouse, friend or loved one to sit in on the meeting if you choose. During the meeting, I will talk with you about what you are looking for in a plan and what is most important to you. Not everyone who wants a long term care plan can qualify for a long term care plan. Once we determine through questions if a long term care plan makes sense for you, you and I can look at options with different companies to find one that will meet your needs.

Can’t I just get life insurance on the Internet? Why should I use you?

You can buy life insurance over the Internet but it may not be in your best interest to do so. I am an independent agent. That means that I work for you, my client. I represent many different companies, not just one. I don’t make you fit into a certain plan. I find a plan that is the best one for you. All of the companies I represent are strong financially with ratings of A- or better. That means that they will be here when your claim needs to be paid. Plus if you have questions, I am here to help you. You can dial me directly or email me and I will answer you right away. You won’t have to explain your question to numerous people only to be transferred from one person to another. You get me as your agent.