Here is a list of the services I provide.
long term care insurance

Long Term Care Planning/Comparisons

insurance planning

Annual Life Insurance Review/Comparisons

disability insurance

Disability Insurance = Paycheck Protection

Katy insurance agent

Individual Health Insurance

Houston insurance agent

Group Plans--Long Term Care, Life, Disability

ltc insurance

Final Expense/Burial Plans

The process is simple and painless

Let me describe how I work and what to expect when we work together.

First, we will speak on the phone to set a time for the two of us to meet. When I arrive, I introduce myself, give you my business card and tell you a little about myself. We just talk for a few minutes.

I do this to let you learn something about me and let me learn something about you. If the purpose of the meeting is a simple life insurance review, I will need to take a look at any current policies you already have. I will need as much information as possible. For example, I will need the face amount of the policy, the company you have the insurance with, who the beneficiaries are, how frequently you pay the premiums, what type of policy it is, whether it is a term policy, a whole life, a universal life or an indexed universal policy and how long you have had it.

I like to get as much information on all of the current policies as possible. The more information I know, the better I can assist you.

Next, I will want to get an idea from you of what you are looking to do. Do you want to increase or decrease coverage, did you recently retire or have a new baby, are you wanting to open your own business or pay for the kid’s college?

Katy long term care insuranceKaty disability insurance | Life insurance Katy | Health insurance Katy

All of these questions and more will help me better help you. Lastly, at this first meeting, I will set up another time to meet with you. Since looking at many different insurance carriers can be time-consuming, I prefer to come back with several ideas for you. That gives me the time to do a complete and thorough comparison for you. The second appointment will be set for a time that is convenient for you, either at your home or your office.

I am able to assist you in the completion of the paperwork to start a new policy if that is what we determine is best for you.

The application and underwriting process generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks for approval before your new policy is issued.

Once the policy is issued and I have it in hand, we meet again so I can deliver the policy to directly to you.

How long could you sustain your present lifestyle if your paycheck stopped? If you’re like most Americans, your answer is probably “six months or less”.

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