Katy Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that people in Katy are always talking about. Most of the time they complain that the premiums they pay are too high and they don’t often consider if the coverage they purchased – is actually right for them…

First, we will make sure you have the right coverage, then we can help lower your Katy health insurance premiums and save you money with a plan similar or even better than what you currently have.

We offer individual and group Katy health insurance plans. So whether you pay for an individual policy for yourself and your family or have health insurance at your job, we can show you alternatives to help you lower your cost.

The Health Care Reform Act has made some noteworthy changes to individual health insurance plans. One such change is that female contraceptives will be reimbursed through an individual health plan. Before this act, contraception was not paid for on an individual Katy health insurance plan.

Group health insurance is often a benefit for employees and a lot of times that is a benefit that is quite attractive to new hires.

As a business owner, you must pay for a portion of your employees’ health insurance costs. We can review your current plan to see how we can make changes to lower your cost without sacrificing the benefits of the plan. In some cases, we may be able to find a plan with better benefits at a lower cost.

Temporary Katy health insurance plans are also available for those people who are between jobs, for groups or associations who travel within the U.S. or overseas.

Katy health insurance

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